Quotes On receiving a photograph of JMJ's painting The Anniversary Garden (which was painted using 3 photos kindly donated by Land Trust), their spokes person replied "Great painting! Best wishes to you." Quotes
The Land Trust
The Anniversary Garden

Quotes Frieda & Peter Wood, of Perth, Western Australia, took one look at JMJ's website and said: "What an eye opener it is. JMJ hasn't done bad for a lad whose teacher said that he was no good at art. He has certainly developed his own style and ideas, producing a completely different contemporary way of putting something on to canvas. Good on him!" Quotes
Frieda & Peter Wood
Completely different and contemporary.

Quotes Having looked at the link for JMJ's new exhibition, Carrie said: "I love those paintings." Quotes
The One Show's Carrie Grant.

Quotes When meeting fellow artist Sue Morton, at May's Artwalk, JMJ was impressed with her paintings. JMJ was amazed to be told that Sue was equally impressed by JMJ's paintings. To see Sue's paintings, please visit her website: Quotes
Sue Morton, Landscape Artist
Wonderful use of the primary colours.

Quotes Kate Taylor, Chair woman of the Friends of Chantry Chapel, Wakefield, bought JMJ's painting 'Dislodged'. Not only does she love it, she has it hanging on the landing wall in her home. Following a successful exhibition, in 2012, Kate has invited JMJ to exhibit in the Chantry Chapel again, in 2014, or in the Westgate Chapel. Quotes
Kate Taylor
I love it.

Quotes John's paintings never fail to lift one's spirits. They are bright and airy and energizing. I never tire of seeing his work and am always looking forward to the next masterpiece. Thank you, John, for the uplifting experience that your artwork offers. You deserve every success. David Slater Clinical Hypnotherapist and Counsellor Reviewer for " The Hypnotherapist" journal ,of the Hypnotherapy Association Quotes
A ray of sun shine ; A breath of fresh air

Quotes A visitor to JMJ's first solo exhibition, Carole said: "Lovely original work, a real pleasure to see your work and have you explain some of it to us. Thank you." Quotes
Carole Rhodes.
A real pleasure.

Quotes About JMJ's paintings, and JMJ's use of Daler-Rowney's acrylic paints to create JMJ's paintings, Lauranne says: "We found your work quite nice and interesting and we thought we could help you a bit to promote it. We would like to post a link to your gallery on our Twitter and Facebook pages, if you think that could be useful for you and if you're ok with that." JMJ was delighted to accept. Quotes
Lauranne of Daler-Rowney.
A bit of promotion on Facebook.

Quotes As JMJ paints pictures of Festival Gardens, Liverpool, JMJ contacted Mr O'Connor's publicist to find out his memories of the Garden Festival of 1984, Tom replied with: "Firstly, the honour of being chosen to sing the theme song. Then, the thrill of watching our town attract visitors, from many different nationalities, from overseas, just as in our heyday of the sixties. A truly wonderous time." Quotes
Tom O'Connor, Liverpool Comedian
Memories of the Garden Festival

Quotes Of JMJ's paintings, especially his piece called Apollo-getic, Natalie said: "Thanks for sending us the link to your website, I like your personal take on the buildings, a lot, and how you've made each of the scenes your own, by adding little details like the bench in Apollo-getic. I'm hoping to try and visit Peterlee soon, as I've become a bit obsessed with the Apollo Pavilion recently." Quotes
Natalie Bradbury, Manchester Architecture at Risk
Apollo Pavilion
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