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Image shows Wakefield's Chantry Chapel on the Brigde*: July 2012 & 2015* The other venues which have hosted JMJ's paintings are - The Board Room, Jordan's Solicitors (18 King Street): July/Aug 2013, 2014, 2016 & 2017 and Wakefield BID Offices (22a Silver Street/Barstow Sq. passage): July, Aug, Sept 2018

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08/02/2020 There are now a multitude of ways to follow, interact with and contact JMJ.              

Facebook: search for JMJ's painting The gingerbread castle. JMJ's profile name is John Martin. There, JMJ has albums (ByJMJ & ByJMJ2) showcasing both his paintings and his photography.             

Instagram: paintedbyjmj Kik: ByJMJ and JMJ's new (Jan., 2020) YouTube channel: Quickclips ByJMJ His old (2009-2011) 'satinabed' channel can still be viewed there too. Alternatively, you can email JMJ at or Please note: there is not a direct message service on this website: 

In other news...

2019: (30/12/2019) Failing to secure an exhibition space for the July Artwalk, JMJ elected not to complete any new paintings in 2019 and decided, instead, to concentrate his efforts on two other passions - close-up photography and gardening. Images of both subjects can be viewed via Instagram: paintedbyjmj or JMJ's Facebook album ByJMJ2 When the weather improves, JMJ intends to return to painting in 2020 (23/07/2019) Due entirely to Wakefield Arthouse choosing to mark its 11th year of the Artwalks by excluding ALL previous and established artists, and only showcasing new and emerging artists, is what led JMJ not to participate in what would have been his 8th Artwalk Summer Exhibition. February - to mark 30 years of JMJ's creation of ' A 'one moment in time' Production.©', on October 17th, 1989, JMJ created 3 'Exclusively ByJMJ' boxed paper clip dish/paperweight prints and, during Easter, a one-off Magnetix© photo block triptych. 

2018: (19/09/2018) JMJ re-joined Instagram. To follow JMJ, search Instagram for: paintedbyjmj (26/7/2018) At the launch event for his 7th Summer Artwalk Exhibition, JMJ greeted Phil - a visitor who lived directly across from the Festival Gardens, Liverpool, site. Three more 'garden festival' inspired paintings were admired for bringing back happy memories of 1984 Special thank yous went to Rob, Phil, Steve and Helga for attending. Plus, Elizabeth, Clair, Caroline and Darryl at Wakefield BID Offices, for hosting and supporting the launch of what would become a 93 day exhibition. A thank you was also extended to the staff and 'Nick the photographer' from Wakefield Artwalk for their support. Catering was arranged by Wakefield BID office and supplied by Hoffman's Bakery, Busy Corner, Wakefield. (9/7/2018) JMJ's mobile version of this website was re-launched: (7/06/2018) It was with deepest regret and a heavy heart that JMJ had to take the drastic decision to cancel his 7th Summer Artwalk Exhibition, at Unity Hall. In the February, JMJ was offered the walls of Reception and all the way up the stairs, of Unity Works, to host his 'The steps we take' Summer Exhibition. Unfortunately, Unity Works went into administration. It was renamed Unity Hall and the new management team decided to refuse all public access to the premises beyond the Artwalk evening events (5pm to 8pm). Hosted, again, with support from staff at Jordan's Solicitors. This year's theme would have been 'The steps we take' because the art space was at the top of a flight of five steep steps. During the launch event, visitors would have had the chance to sample free live entertainment 'at the foot of our stairs' from celebrated Wakefield poet Steven B Williams, the Black Horse Poets and, making her Artwalk debut, soprano Ms Elizabeth Woolnough. JMJ turned down the offer of a tiny art space, up 5 very steep steps and put on hold his efforts to host his 7th Summer Exhibition. (8/4/18) JMJ created a new range of not-for-profit limited edition merchandise - Magnetix© fridge magnets, Present Day© Birthday and Christmas cards, TREEts© tree baubles and Exclusively ByJMJ© motif, strictly limited edition, postcards, photo-cards, coasters and mugs. (18/03/18) this year marked the 10th anniversary of the Wakefield Artwalks.

2017: (4/8/17) Wakefield Express - page 46 'Art & Culture: JMJ was pictured with MP Mary Creagh (pronounced Cray). Paintings and Poems - the title of JMJ's 6th Summer Artwalk Exhibition launch event was one of JMJ's biggest successes to date. The new 'price tag' information cards, "Happy _____ Day." greetings cards and Fobbed Off! key fobs were praised for their design and professional presentation. With her PA's support, JMJ arranged for Labour MP for Wakefield (Patron of The Black Horse Poets), Mary Creagh, to 'pop in' for 5 minutes. However, she stayed longer than 90 minutes saying "I've had so much fun, I don't want to leave." JMJ was pleased and surprised to receive excellent comments about his 'New for 2017' range of greetings cards; even from a painter-turned-card-maker who described them as the best she'd seen - with several visitors asking why the mock-up cards weren't available for purchase. JMJ thanked the Black Horse Poets, for performing and Jordan's Solicitors' hosts Tasneem, Jess and Nick for being great representatives of Jordan's Solicitors. Trevor from 5 Towns [online] Radio attended, too. JMJ was invited to return in July 2018 with his 7th Summer Artwalk Exhibition; Jess and Nick said they'd be happy to host another exhibition if JMJ was able to go sooner. (21/7/17) a short interview with JMJ was used on the front cover of the Barnsley Chronicle's Royston edition to promote his exhibition. Words by Josh Timlin. (14/7/17) JMJ's painting 'Marvel Arch' was part of a half-page article in the Wakefield Express. Thanks to Michael Yates (Black Horse Poets) for entering it on JMJ's behalf.

2016: 2 landmarks occurred in this year - it was 10 years since JMJ picked up a paint brush again and 5 years since he began exhibiting with the Wakefield Artwalk scheme. JMJ's 5th Summer Exhibition and his 3rd time in the Board Room at Jordan's Solicitors (18, King Street). JMJ's 3 hour launch event attracted 60 visitors (4 trying to enter the art space just as the building was being locked up). JMJ was delighted that staff at Jordan's Solicitors requested to put the painting 'The Concrete Castle' on their reception area wall; alongside a selection of paintings at their King Street office. Thank you to the team at JS for their continued support and especial thanks to Tasneem Patel for her support throughout the launch event. Prior to the launch event opening, Tasneem had already 'penciled JMJ in' for next July 2017's Artwalk.

2015: saw JMJ return to the Chantry Chapel on the Bridge for the second time in four years. Once again, thanks to support from Brian Holding, the evening was a great success. For the 4th year running, the event saw dark skies and heavy rain. (11/04/2015) The Chantry Chapel on the Bridge formed one of the backdrops for Sylvester Stallone's, full length, commercial for Warburton's bread.

2014: (October) - JMJ was asked for a print of The Toll House, Scarborough, as a leaving present. This led JMJ to create a first and only one-off print of the painting to present to his boss, Carolyn Johnson, who was retiring as Head of Learning Support at Leeds City College. (July) - July 30th saw the highly successful launch of JMJ's 3rd Wakefield Artwalk & Summer Exhibition (his second in the Board Room, at Jordan's Solicitors - 18 King Street, Wakefield). 

Thank yous... to you the 675+ who have visited JMJ's 7 previous July Artwalk Summer Exhibitions and added positive comments to the Testimonials page. Thank you, also, to Elizabeth and the Wakefield BID Office team for hosting what would eventually become a 93 day exhibition, to Tasneem Patel and her colleagues at Jordan's Solicitors for their support and for adding 'The Concrete Castle' to their art collection, to Wakefield Artist Linda Golding for inspiring JMJ to take part in the Artwalks, to Brian Holding and (late) Kate Taylor (posthumous) MBE for their support in hosting JMJ's first exhibition, in the Chantry Chapel on the bridge, in July 2012

Viewings... Since July 2012, JMJ's paintings have been viewed by more than 675 people: 2012, Chantry Chapel on the Bridge - 228 visitors (over 3 hours and 3 further days). 2013, Jordan's Solicitors - 56 visitors (3 hour launch). 2014, Jordan's Solicitors - 60 visitors (3 hour launch). 2015, Chantry Chapel on the Bridge - 106 visitors (in 3 hours, only), 2016, Jordan's Solicitors - 60 visitors (3 hour launch), 2017, Jordan's Solicitors - 64 visitors (3 hour launch) and Wakefield BID Office - 62 visitors (3 hour launch + further visitors to the remaining 92 days of his exhibition).

Media... to read what Barnsley Chronicle's Oliver Dyson thought of JMJ's paintings, see Oliver's Meeting Place article (dated August 2nd, 2013) in the Media section of this website. 2017: pre-launch articles appeared in Barnsley Chronicle and Wakefield Express. Plus, a post-launch article in the Arts & Culture section of Wakefield Express and in Mary Creagh's Newsletter. Also, see Jordan's Solicitors Facebook page for exclusive photos from the July 26th, 2017, launch event.

History... July 25th, 2012: At Wakefield's Chantry Chapel on the Bridge - over the 4 days, JMJ greeted 228 visitors. July 31st, 2013: At Jordan's Solicitors - during the launch evening, JMJ greeted 56 visitors (33 more than the previous exhibitor and setting a new record for most visitors on an opening evening. Especially good as it was a very wet evening). The exhibition ran for 5 weeks. July 26th, 2017: Wakefield's Black Horse Poets gave readings on the theme of 'enjoyment' and JMJ's special guest MP Mary Creagh paid a visit. Staying for more than a hour, she said "I don't want to go, I'm enjoying myself too much." Mrs Creagh is the BHP's patron. July 26th, 2018: following a horrendous time with the new operators of Unity Hall, the team at Wakefield BID Office welcomed JMJ to present his 7th Summer Exhibition. It would eventually run for 93 days. July 23rd, 2019: due entirely to Wakefield Arthouse choosing to mark its 11th year of the Artwalks by excluding ALL previous and established artists, and only showcasing new and emerging artists, is what led JMJ to not participate in what would have been his 8th Artwalk Summer Exhibition.


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Terminology... these terms and conditions apply. Take-aways for a Tenner© paintings are £10 each, 2 for £15 or 3 for £20 Note: Although a small selection of paintings are available for £5 each, they are not included in the multi-buy offers. All discounted paintings, exclusive key fobs, greetings cards, fridge magnets and tree decorations are limited to the 3 hours of a launch event/Artwalk evening or for the length of a 'pop-up' exhibition. There-after, ALL prices revert back to those listed on this website.

Price tags... the Exclusively ByJMJ© and Limited Editions ByJMJ© merchandise price list: Fobbed Off!© key fobs [launched in 2016, as ByJMJ key fobs, to mark JMJ's 10 years as an amateur painter] are £1 each (sets of 3 for £2), "Happy ___ Day."© cards are £1.50 each (any 3 for £3), Magnetix© fridge magnets are £1 each, Magnetix© fridge frames/badges are £1.75 each, TREEts© tree decorations are £1.50 each, ByJMJ postcards and photo-cards are 50p each, ByJMJ laminated coasters are £2 each, ByJMJ mugs are £10.50 each or £12 if bought with a coaster, ByJMJ Coaster Posters (coaster size prints) are £1.75 each, the exclusive 'one-off' Magnetix© photo block triptych is £9 and the 3 limited edition, boxed, paperweight/paperclip dish prints are £10 each [created to mark JMJ's 30th anniversary of A 'one moment in time' Production.©; originally a BTEC Business & Administration course project 'working title']. Note: All artwork, prints and merchandise are strictly limited editions and produced by JMJ 'not-for-profit'. All funds raised go directly back into producing more artworks and limited edition merchandise. 

...and finally... Forestationery© - stationery and envelopes (Oct. 15th, 1989 onwards), all artwork ByJMJ© &/or J.M.Jackson (2006 onwards), ByJMJ website (2011 onwards), Fobbed Off!© key fobs (2016/17, previously ByJMJ© key fobs, 2016), "Happy ___ Day."© greetings cards, Present Day© Birthday and Christmas cards (2018), Magnetix© fridge magnets (2017, launched 2018), Exclusively ByJMJ© merchandise (postcards, photo-cards, coasters and mugs. 2017, launched 2018), TREEts© tree decorations (created and launched in 2018), Magnetix© fridge frames/ badges (2018, launched 2019) and Exclusively ByJMJ one-off merchandise, including the Magnetix© photo block triptych and paperweight/paperclip dishes (created and launched in 2019), filmettes©, The Gardens©, Quickclips© and Quickclips ByJMJ© are all under the umbrella of JMJ's A 'one moment in time' Production.© Est. October 17th, 1989 (1989-2019, 30 years and counting). ByJMJ© Contact details* containing JMJ, ByJMJ or byjmj are not to be replicated by anyone other than JMJ himself, and his website administrator, without express permission of JMJ and only for promotional uses. Eg. a forthcoming exhibition showcasing the artwork and/or photography of JMJ or ByJMJ. Updated*: February 8th, 2020