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July 26th, 2017 - JMJ created a selection of greetings cards called "Happy _____ Days." and named his exclusive key fob range 'Fobbed Off!' Returning for a 4th season to the Board Room, at Jordan's Solicitors, JMJ teamed up with Wakefield's premier poetry group the Black Horse Poets.

July 2016 - to mark 10 years since JMJ picked up a painting brush again (in May), JMJ launched his range of mini-print key fobs. Three designs: The Hep, The Grand Entrance and Stonehenge. He also adapted part of his The Grand Entrance painting to use as his main motif.

 July 2015 - JMJ made a return to where it all began 'the chantry chapel on the bridge'. However, it was only for the 3 hours of the Artwalk and not a longer stay. Even though it was an exceptionally rainy evening, JMJ's art work, and its setting, attracted visitors from as far away as Australia and Canada.

July 2014

To see JMJ's Staff Profile, created for him after a colleague said she was a fan of his paintings. Click this web link:

Also, this month, JMJ's memories of the 1984 Liverpool International Garden Festival feature in the Liverpool History Society's 2014 Journal (no. 13). JMJ was asked to submit his memories of what the LIGF'84 meant to him by part-time journalist Gary Langley - for which JMJ received a free copy (recommended price £5.99). See below:

News articles & pictures...

July 2013

In the week prior to JMJ's successful exhibition opening event, at Jordan's Solicitors in Wakefield, last Summer, he appeared in the Meeting Place section of Barnsley Chronicle (August 2nd, 2013). Written by Oliver Dyson. Photograph by Wes Hobbs. See below: