Quotes About JMJ's 'obelisk' painting, I can say in all honesty that I prefer it over the actual thing! JMJ more than 'did it justice'. Another classic JMJ. Good job! Quotes
Andrew Meadows
Lee Park Avenue Obelisk

Quotes I find JMJ's ideas and pieces really interesting. I wish JMJ every continued success with his work. Karen. Quotes
Karen Sherwood

Quotes JMJ's work is very vivid and colourful. It's very easy on the eye and quite cheerful to look at on a grey, autumn day. I don't know why JMJ doesn't take up painting full time. JMJ seems to have a flair for it! If the partially-sighted community enjoy JMJ's paintings, then maybe there's a market out there for JMJ to concentrate on. Quotes
Ann Elvin
very vivid

Quotes JMJ's paintings are really different from anything I've seen before. A unique talent for taking a fairly typical structure and transforming it into a piece of art. Quotes
Steve Greaves
really different

Quotes JMJ's work, what can I say? It's like being on an acid trip but without having to take any drugs. I wish I could sit in his brain, for a hour, when he's creating a painting. Quotes
Jonathan Senior

Quotes JMJ's paintings allow me to see colours in a way that I don't normally see in day-to-day life. Quotes
Derek Thompson
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