Quotes Since seeing the real tiles, at the entrance to Potter Newton Heights, Leeds, Richard said "I prefer your version of them. This is my favourite of all your paintings." Quotes
Richard Harrison
The Grand Entrance

Quotes Whilst JMJ was taking down his paintings, at the end of his 3 week exhibition, Receptionist Lesley Sinclair, at Jordan's Solicitors, asked "Are you the artist? Your exhibition is the the best we've ever hosted. Personally, I don't like your work, I love it. The colours, the lines, the style, everything. Superb. People ask me what art I like, I always know what I don't like but am rarely able to say what I do like. I love your paintings." A colleague entered the room and Lesley continued "This is the artist whose work I love." Thank you Lesley. Quotes
Lesley Sinclair
The best exhibition.

Quotes Debi, a visitor to JMJ's July 2013 exhibition - Paintings by JMJ - wrote the following "Love the colours and vibrancy of the works, very refreshing. I think I will be visiting the website! Thank you." :-) Quotes
Debi Knight
Very refreshing.

Quotes On seeing JMJ's painting The Rooftop Garden, Guildford, Ann, a Dyslexia Tutor at Leeds City College, said "It's lovely, isn't it?! I like it." Quotes
Ann Campbell

Quotes Derek, a part-time Surveyor and 'from day one' fan of JMJ's paintings, said of JMJ's From a Different Angle "The perspective took me completely by surprise." Also, looking at JMJ's painting The Rooftop Garden, Guildford, Derek said "A roof garden to celebrate the Sputnik! I like it. I also like the 'lily pad' stepping stones. I think you have captured the spirit of the time well." Quotes
Derek Thompson
...the Sputnik!

Quotes Along with her parents, Loveday came to see JMJ's paintings as part of the July 2013 Artwalk launch event. She said: "Very impressive. I love your paintings, especially the 'pink palace' (The Gingerbread Castle), house (Thornburg Village) and the water (in both The original Blue Peter Italian Sunken Garden and in What a Fall!) you did." So impressed was Loveday's Mum, Mandy, by JMJ's paintings, she bought The original Blue Peter Italian Sunken Garden, for Loveday, plus The Potter Tiles, for herself, and Loveday's Dad, David, bought Tait's Tower. He said it was his main reason for coming to JMJ's exhibition, saying "I wanted to see it in real life." Quotes
Loveday Nam
Very Impressive.

Quotes At JMJ's July 31st Artwalk launch evening, Karen bought Xanadu - Home of the Future because it was, in her words, 'different' from what she'd seen before and liked that the painting was on a circular canvas. About JMJ's exhibition, Karen said "Very interesting, colourful and imaginative." Quotes
Karen Smith
Xanadu - Home of the Future.

Quotes While attending JMJ's second July Artwalk exhibition opening event, Anne chose to buy her friend a painting for her friend's 60th Birthday. Anne said: "The problem of what to get Raj, for his 'big' Birthday, solved." Raj had taken an instant like to The Garden's Secret. Quotes
Anne Spencer
Birthday Present, solved.

Quotes At the July 2013 Artwalk (31/7/13) launch evening, Raj was delighted to be given The Garden's Secret, as an early Birthday present, by his friend Anne Spencer. Raj said: "Nice to meet you. Oh yes! I now have one of your paintings." Quotes
Raj Palasooriar
The Garden's Secret

Quotes At his launch event, Linda said: "Lovely to meet you at last, John. Your exhibition is wonderful." Quotes
Linda Golding
July 31st, 2013
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