Quotes November 2011: On hearing that JMJ had spent 5yrs painting brightly coloured versions of well known buildings, and only recently sold his first painting, Chris said: "Well Done!" Quotes
Chris Evans, BBC Radio 2 DJ
Well Done!

Quotes July 2016 - Five visitors came into the Board Room at Jordan's Solicitors and one exclaimed "We've got two of your paintings on our wall at home!" Apparently, their friend Brian had bought them as a gifts in 2014 Quotes
Group thoughts.

Quotes Looking at the print version of The Toll House, Scarborough, Clare said "I like it and I'm sure Carolyn (Johnston, retiring Head of Learning Support at Leeds City College) will like it too. I saw your work on display at Jordan's Solictors, earlier this year." Quotes
Clare McDonald, a Vice Principal at Leeds City College.
Attended JMJ's July 2014 Summer Exhibition.

Quotes Laura works in the same department as JMJ. "You paint well and deserve to be appreciated for your efforts." Quotes
Laura Traynor

Quotes Carolyn, until 22/10/14, was the Head of Learning Support at Leeds City College. As a leaving present, she requested a print of The Toll House, Scarborough. JMJ framed it and presented it to Carolyn at the leaving do he'd been assigned to organise for her. Carolyn's explanation of why she'd asked for this particular print was this: "As well as the colours, it's where the painting is set that is important. It will be the starting point from where my husband Pete and I will walk to Whitby." Quotes
Carolyn Johnston
The Toll House, Scarborough.

Quotes On seeing JMJ's painting The Anniversary Garden, Julie (manageress at the 1984 Liverpool International Garden Festival) said "I love it!" Quotes
Julie Foy-Clark
I love it!

Quotes Sharon was sharing JMJ's website address with a friend and said "Take a look at the website, his paintings are fab!" Quotes
Sharon Norcliffe
Fab! (fabulous)

Quotes Jochen was introduced to JMJ's work via Facebook. His immediate response was "I'm very impressed!" Quotes
Jochen Rost
Very impressed

Quotes Zoe is the administrator for Leeds City College's online news letter The Word+ After seeing a link to JMJ's paintings, Zoe invited JMJ to have a Staff Profile created (see JMJ's Media section). A chance meeting, in the coffee shop queue, led to Zoe saying "I'm a fan of your paintings." Quotes
Zoe Ward
"I'm a fan."

Quotes "JMJ is a good artist, I really like his style and use of colours. JMJ's Gallery gives us the opportunity to see how his work has developed." Quotes
Clergyman David Guest
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