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JMJ lives in an ex-mining village on the border between South and West Yorkshire, where the light is particularly good for painting. During the week, JMJ works at Leeds City College's Park Lane Campus as a PGCE (PCET) qualified Dyslexia Mentor. Aged 14, JMJ's art teacher said JMJ had no talent for Art. Some 20 years later, in 2006, JMJ decided to take up painting as a hobby. JMJ has never looked back. Developing a unique style, over the last few years, JMJ has created little signatures that almost always appear in paintings. Things to look out for are: unconventional buildings (not the colour they are in real life) water, clouds and intentional errors. An intentional error might be where one would expect there to be shade, JMJ reverses this by making the area brighter. Another intentional error may be changing the shape of something or removing details like windows, or signs, to better fit the landscape. Look out, also, for JMJ's 'Little Green Boat' paintings. These occasional paintings, where JMJ is painting purely made up scenes, feature a small green rowing boat. Finally, JMJ only paints in vibrant acrylics on canvas and, because JMJ wraps each scene around the edges of the canvas, there is no need to display JMJ's paintings in frames.

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To read about JMJ's passion for painting. Click this link:

Can't find what you're looking for? Visit JMJ's Youtube channel - - it is an eclectic mad mix of photographs, short films and ideas from JMJ's imagination. You can visit JMJ's Flickr gallery - Or, discover more about JMJ, JMJ's paintings and passion for all things Festival Gardens, Liverpool, at the Facebook group -Festival Gardens Park Liverpool (Stoke, Glasgow, Gateshead and Ebbw Vale) - which JMJ co-created with Karl Greenwood. JMJ's paintings can also be found on by searching for Byjmj or John Martin.